About me…


Hi there, I'm Aissa! 🌟 I'm a freelance motion designer from Morocco, and I've been in the creative field for 4 years..

Now, you might be wondering about that flashy red thing I'm wearing. Well, it's called a "Taz rbiyt," a traditional outfit we rock when it gets chilly around here. Ta-da! You've just picked up a new fact, congrats!

I live in a cozy little village in Morocco. My journey into motion design began back when I was a university student, though I eventually dropped out. I started with Adobe Photoshop, then Illustrator, and moved on to After Effects. Right now, I'm diving into 3D with Cinema!

When I'm not working, you'll often find me spending time with my family, especially my brother's kids. I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing chess or brain games, and chatting with my Brazilian pals who've been teaching me Portuguese. By the way, I speak several languages fluently, including my native Tamazight, Arabic, French, English, and now Portuguese! So, you could say I'm a bit of a language enthusiast in my free time. πŸ˜„

About my work

In the past half-decade, I've cooked up some fantastic stuff for startups, big companies, the tech world, and even the entertainment biz. I've had the privilege of working with some of my favorite studios and agencies like Vidico, What a Story, Flag Pictures, and M&S Marketing.

When it comes to projects, I'm the full package. I can whip up ideas, craft designs, and bring 'em to life with animations. I am more comfortable doing 2D animation explainer videos inside After Effects. Have an idea in mind and would like to discuss it? Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. Hi@AissaMotion.com or request a quote

P.S I'm ready to adjust my schedule to match my client's time zone


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